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100 Baggers

This book is about 100-baggers. These are stocks that return $100 for every $1 invested. That means a $10,000 investment turns into $1 million. Chris…

100 to 1 in the Stock Market

In 100 to 1 in the stock market, Thomas Phelps discloses the secrets and strategies to increasing your wealth one hundredfold through buy-and-hold investing. Unlike…

A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market by Matthew R Kratter

FORMAT: PAPERBACK Learn to make money in the stock market, even if you’ve never traded before. The stock market is the greatest opportunity machine ever…

A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G Malkiel

FORMAT: PAPERBACK One of the “few great investment books” (Andrew Tobias) ever written. A Wall Street Journal Weekend Investor “Best Books for Investors” Pick In a time…

Arthashastra by Kautilya

FORMAT: PAPERBACK The Arthashastra gave in-depth examinations on matters such as history, economics, politics, management, among many other subjects. It was composed by Kautilya who…

Beating The Street By Peter Lynch

FORMAT: PAPERBACK Beating The Street is a rich knowledge bank, telling about how the finance and investment works in reality. Peter Lynch and John Rothchild…

Buy Breaking the Mould by Raghuram Rajan and Rohit Lamba (hardcover)

“Breaking the Mould” is an inspiring memoir that chronicles the journey of [Author’s Name] as they defy expectations, challenge conventions, and carve out their own…

Buy Competitive Strategy by Michael E. Porter (paperback)

“Competitive Strategy” refers to a plan or approach adopted by a business or organization to achieve a competitive advantage over rivals in the marketplace. It…

Buy How Big Things Get Done by Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardner (paperback)

“How Big Things Get Done” sounds like the title of a book that explores the process of achieving ambitious goals or tackling complex challenges. It…

Buy How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff (paperback)

“How to Lie with Statistics” is a classic book written by Darrell Huff, first published in 1954. Despite its age, the book remains relevant today…

Buy How to Trade In Stocks by Jesse Livermore (paperback)

“How to Trade In Stocks” is a classic book on trading written by Jesse Livermore, a legendary stock trader, and published posthumously in 1940. Livermore…

Buy Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques [Paperback] by Steve Nison

“Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques” is a book written by Steve Nison, first published in 1991. It is considered one of the definitive works on the…