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High School


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Buy A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime by Monica Murphy (paperback)

Prepare to be swept away by a celebration of love and affection with “A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime.” In this enchanting book, you’ll embark…

Buy Cruel King by Rina Kent (paperback)

He’s no fairy tale king. Levi Here, little princess. I’m your king. You have three rules. Bow. Break. Bend the knee. Fight me all you…

Buy Deviant King by Rina Kent (paperback)

“Deviant King” is a book written by Rina Kent. It falls within the genre of romance, specifically dark romance or new adult romance. As with…

Buy Things I Wanted to Say by Monica Murphy (paperback)

“Things I Wanted to Say” could refer to a variety of contexts, such as: A Personal Expression: It could be a phrase someone uses to…

Buy Twisted Kingdom by Rina Kent (paperback)

The kingdom isn’t supposed to fall. The truth screws you over before it sets you free. Masks drop. Secrets unravel. Elsa’s race after the past…
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