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Historcal Fiction


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Buy Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver (paperback)

“Demon Copperhead” is a gripping thriller by bestselling author James Rollins that plunges readers into a world of high-stakes action and ancient mysteries. Set against…

Buy Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross (paperback)

“Divine Rivals” is an epic fantasy novel that transports readers to a world of gods, heroes, and ancient rivalries. Crafted by the talented author [Author’s…

Buy Jojo’S Bizarre Adventure Part 1 02: Phantom Blood: Volume 2 by Hirohiko Araki (paperback)

Finally available in the UK – the classic series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, now in a Deluxe Edition.…

Buy Jojo’S Bizarre Adventure Part 1 03: Volume 3 by Hirohiko Araki (paperback)

Finally available in the UK – the classic series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, now in a Deluxe Edition.…

Buy JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1—Phantom Blood, Vol. 1 by Hirohiko Araki (paperback)

A multigenerational tale of the heroic Joestar family and their never-ending battle against evil!The legendary Shonen Jump series, now available in English for the first…

Buy Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie (paperback)

“Midnight’s Children” is a novel written by Salman Rushdie, first published in 1981. It is considered one of Rushdie’s most famous and acclaimed works and…

Buy Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross (paperback)

“Ruthless Vows” is a captivating romantic thriller by bestselling author [Author’s Name]. In this heart-pounding tale of love, betrayal, and redemption, readers are transported into…

Buy The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (paperback)

“The Great Gatsby” is a novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, first published in 1925. Set in the summer of 1922, the story…

Buy The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store by James McBride (paperback)

“The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store” is a whimsical and heartwarming novel that takes readers on a magical journey through the bustling aisles of a…

Buy Wuthering heights by Emily Brontë (paperback)

Step into the tempestuous world of “Wuthering Heights,” Emily Brontë’s haunting tale of passion, revenge, and the enduring power of love. Set in the wild…

Combo-JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 by Hirohiko Araki (paperback)

Young Jonathan Joestar’s life is forever changed when he meets his new adopted brother, Dio. For some reason, Dio has a smoldering grudge against him…

The Hidden Hindu Book 2 (hindi) by Akshat Gupta (paperback)

“The Hidden Hindu Book 2 (hindi)” (in Hindi) is an intriguing continuation of the mystical journey that explores the depths of Hindu philosophy, spirituality, and…
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