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Buy Ashtavakra Gita (hardcover)

The “Ashtavakra Gita” is a sacred Hindu scripture attributed to the sage Ashtavakra. It is a dialogue between Ashtavakra and King Janaka, a philosopher-king in…

Buy Dharma by Amish Tripathi (paperback)

“Dharma” is a concept with deep roots in various Eastern religions and philosophies, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. While it can have different nuances…

Buy Electric Idol by Katee Robert (paperback)

“Electric Idol” electrifies readers with its captivating blend of romance, mythology, and suspense. Set in a world where gods walk among mortals, this enchanting novel…

Buy Hindi The Immortals of Meluha by Amish (paperback)

FORMAT: Paperback COVER MIGHT DIFFER जब बुराई एक महाकाय रूप धारण कर लेती है, जब ऐसा प्रतीत होता है कि सबकुछ लुप्त हो चुका है,…

Buy Legend of Suheldev by Amish Tripathi (paperback)

Legend of Suheldev “The Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India” is a historical fiction novel written by Amish Tripathi, published in 2020. The…

Buy Mahabharata Unravelled by Ami Ganatra (paperback)

“Mahabharata Unravelled” is a book by Karthik Venkataraman, published in 2020. It provides a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the epic Indian mythological tale, the…

Buy Mahagatha: 100 Tales from the Puranas by Satyarth Nayak (Paperback)

“Mahagatha: 100 Tales from the Puranas” is a book by Arshia Sattar, published in 2020. It is a collection of stories drawn from the Puranas,…

Buy Myth = Mithya [Illustrated] by Devdutt Pattanaik (paperback)

“Myth = Mithya” is a book written by Devdutt Pattanaik. It explores various myths and stories from Hindu mythology, offering interpretations and insights into their…

Buy Promises and Pomegranates by Sav R Miller (paperback)

“Promises and Pomegranates” is a captivating historical romance novel that transports readers to a lush and exotic world of love, betrayal, and redemption. Penned by…

Buy Raavan by Amish Tripathi (paperback)

“Raavan” is a novel by Amish Tripathi, part of his “Ram Chandra Series.” It is a reimagining of the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, which…

Buy Ram by Amish Tripathi (paperback)

Ram Rajya. The Perfect Land. But perfection has a price. He paid that price. 3400 BCE. INDIA Ayodhya is weakened by divisions. A terrible war…

Buy Ram Ikshvaku Ke Vanshaj (paperback)

“Ram Ikshvaku Ke Vanshaj” is a book written by Amish Tripathi. It is part of the Ram Chandra Series, which is a retelling of the…
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