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A Manual For Manifesting Your Dream Life

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A Manual For Manifesting Your Dream Life

A Manual For Manifesting Your Dream Life



There’s no need to keep giving away your power as a divine creator. You’re a spiritual being who enthusiastically chose to incarnate here on earth and learn how to manifest your desires using your focused attention. You were born with a superpower that you’ve been using since the day you were born. This superpower is your ability to attract and manifest people, circumstances, and things based on where you focus your attention.
The world you’re living in now is all energy. Everything’s energy that you’re attracting daily as a result of the frequency your being is currently at. When you change the frequency of your being by focusing your attention on what you want, you then attract those things in seemingly mysterious ways.
This is the secret to manifesting your desires. Change the frequency of your being, and you change your life.
Just like a radio can have its frequency changed and pickup new energy, you too can change your frequency and attract your dream life. Learning how to take advantage of this superpower you hold is the most empowering experience you can ever have!
You’re not a victim to your life in any way. Everything you’re experiencing now is something you’ve co-created alongside Spirit by focusing your attention on certain things.
This potent book will remind you of the inherent power you hold as a divine creator.
You’re not nearly as small and powerless as you may believe now. If you’re currently manifesting a life you’re not happy with; this is still something you created for yourself by focusing your attention on certain things.
Once you fully wake-up to your power as a divine creator, everything shifts! You’ll wake up excited to start each day and create whatever you desire using your superpower of focused attention. You’ll realize this world is a giant playground that you get to play and experiment in!
Inside of this life-changing book, you’ll ◆ Why you’re never alone, and the amount of loving support you have from Spirit to manifest your desires. ◆ The gift your emotions offer and how to tap into them to quickly manifest your dream life. ◆ Why time’s an illusion and how to use this understanding to live in the frequency of your heart’s dream life right now. ◆ The secret to manifesting a life full of love, joy, and exciting surprises.
If you’ve felt like you were waiting for your life to start, this is your chance to get it going!
You’ve always had the power to manifest your desires, but you may have forgotten you do or given your power away to outside forces. This book’s here to help you reclaim your childlike wonder, excitement, and zest for life. Being a human is such an incredible gift! See yourself as the powerful creator you are and instantly start creating your unique version of heaven on earth. To learn how to manifest your desires immediately by using your superpower of focused attention, purchase this book that’ll unlock your power.

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