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Launch in 5 by Will Russell

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Launch in 5 by Will Russell

Launch in 5 by Will Russell



FORMAT: Paperback
How do you do justice to your business idea? It’s a question that entrepreneurs are always asking, aware that 70% of new businesses fail. Starting a business is scary, especially for first-timers, but there is a safe, LAUNCH IN 5 way to do it.
If you are launching a new business, this book will improve your chance for success in the most economic, efficient, and painless way possible, before you put large amounts of time and money on the line. It provides a comprehensive guide on how to rapidly turn an idea into a money-making machine – whether it is a side gig or a headfirst dive into the world of entrepreneurship.
Because most new businesses are conducted online, it will place an emphasis on how to launch and build a business on the internet, and because most new entrepreneurs are operating within a small budget and timeframe, these concepts are inexpensive, fast, low-risk, and proven.
Based on the author’s insider strategies, LAUNCH IN 5 will guide the reader through each step of getting their idea out into the world, from inception to launch to ensuring long-term growth. It will also offer tools to help the reader determine whether their idea is worth pursuing (most aren’t) and, if not, return them safely to the concept-development stage before they waste massive amounts of money and time launching an idea that will never fly.
You’ll learn that
· Most risk is unnecessary.
· You can launch your new business in days (or sometimes even hours).
· You can apply the same launch strategies you’ll learn here for an online business, an offline start-up a global corporation, with a budget of $50 or $500,000. These method work in any industry, for any idea.
· You can lower the start-up failure rate from 70%to 9% if you follow the guidance in this book.
· Most business ideas can have their potential success (or failure) proved in just a week or so, for less than the cost of the latest iphone.

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