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The First Minute by Chris Fenning

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The First Minute by Chris Fenning

The First Minute by Chris Fenning



Get people’s attention and get to the point. Learn the simplest way to improve your business communication skills. There is no fluff and no vague advice, just practical step-by-step methods you can start using today.
This multi-award-winning book teaches specific methods for professional business conversations, emails, meetings, interviews, and more. Check out the reviews to hear from the real people this book has helped.
Communication should be clear and concise, and we should get to the point quickly. The problem is we don’t always know how to do this. What does it mean to be concise? How can a complex topic be summarized in just a few lines?
This award-winning book is a step-by-step guide for clear, concise communication in everyday work conversations.
Being concise is not about trying to condense all the information into sixty seconds. It is about having clear intent, talking about one topic at a time, and focusing on solutions instead of dwelling on problems.
Throughout this book you’ll discover how to:
– Have shorter, better work conversations and meetings
– Get to the point faster without rambling or going off on tangents
– Lead your audience toward the solution you need
– Apply one technique to almost every discussion, email, presentation and interview with great results
This book is a result of more than 20,000 conversations in both business and technical jobs. Chris Fenning has trained individuals and teams around the world in these techniques. He has worked with organizations from start-ups to Fortune 50 and FTSE 100 companies. These methods work for them all.
Having clearer communication is easier than you might expect, and it all starts with the first minute.

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